Kentmere is a village, situated north of Kendal, on the River Kent, in Cumbria. It used to be in Westmorland before local government reorganisation. The village has about 80 occupants and about 40 dwellings, which are spaced out on either side of the valley of the River Kent. The village is roughly divided into four 'quarters' which are still sometimes referred to by their mediaeval names of:

Crag Quarter (NW)        Hallow Bank Quarter (NE)  

Wray Quarter (SW)        Green Quarter (SE)

You can find a brief history of Kentmere written by Iain Johnston HERE

OS map of Kentmere

St Cuthbert's Church with Garburn Pass in the background.
Garburn Pass leads westwards out of Kentmere over the hills and across to Troutbeck.
It rises to a maximum elevationof about 430 metres above sea level.

View from Upper Kentmere, close to the reservoir, looking south, towards Kentmere village.
The trees in the foreground are no longer there.
Old Postcard, probably from the late 1940s


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