Map of Kentmere

Kentmere is a village, situated north of Kendal, on the River Kent, in Cumbria. The village is roughly divided into four ‘quarters’ which are still sometimes referred to by their mediaeval names of: Crag Quarter (NW), Hallow Bank Quarter (NE), Wray Quarter (SW), Green Quarter (SE).

On the map below, click on the ‘four corners’ icon (top right) to enlarge the map in a new tab, and use the zoom facility (+/- or your mouse wheel) to take a closer look. You can move the map around with your mouse by holding down the left-click button.  Clicking the square at the bottom left of the enlarged map allows you to switch from ‘satellite view’ to ‘map view’. On the smaller map below, you can change the map view from the menu option at the top left.

Ordnance Survey Map of Kentmere

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