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Kentmere is a village, situated north of Kendal, on the River Kent, in Cumbria. It used to be in Westmorland before local government reorganisation. The village now has about 80 residents and around 60 dwellings, which are spaced out on either side of the valley of the River Kent. The village is roughly divided into four ‘quarters’ which are still sometimes referred to by their mediaeval names of:

  • Crag Quarter (NW)
  • Hallow Bank Quarter (NE)
  • Wray Quarter (SW)
  • Green Quarter (SE)

You can find a brief history of Kentmere written by Iain Johnston here>> and the Kentmere Wikipedia entry>> is also very informative.

St Cuthbert’s Church

Work has started to develop our knowledge of the history of the church from information that has come to light during the 2016 roof restoration.  Progress on this ongoing project can be followed from our St Cuthbert’s Church page>>

Old Kentmere Parish Meeting Minute Book

After the 1894 Local Government Act, Kentmere Parish Meeting came into being, along with a handsome leather-bound Minute Book. That Minute Book was used from December 1894 until May 2011 when it became full. This original 1894 Minute Book is the only one we know of and copies of its pages and transcripts are available online. Read more>>

Census Records for Kentmere Parish

To make it easier for residents to access the various census records for Kentmere, the files are provided here>>

Residents will need a password to view these files – to obtain one contact 

Touring in Kentmere

In 1954, G & M Berry wrote an article in The Motor about exploring Kentmere by car. It’s available to read here>>

The Old Kentmere Tractor

At the end of WWII, this Fordson tractor was the first to be brought into Kentmere by the Hayton family at Brow Top Farm. By 1988 it was no longer in use and just stored in the one of the barns. Read more>>

Kentmere Hydro

Kentmere Hydro Trust was disbanded in March 2011.  Despite the best efforts of the Trustees and for various reasons beyond their control, the proposed hydro scheme on the west bank of the River Kent could not proceed.

For information, the Trust’s web pages have been retained  here>>

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