The Old Kentmere Tractor

At the end of WWII, this Fordson tractor was the first to be brought into Kentmere by the Hayton family at Brow Top Farm.

By 1988 it was no longer in use and just stored in the one of the barns. The two photographs below show Gerard Hayton getting the tractor out of the barn. The barns had been sold to be converted into a house which became Brow Head.


The tractor was parked to the north of Brow Head beside the footpath and languished there for many years inviting the curiosity of many walkers and small children. In 2006 Gerard started to try to refurbish it and get it to go. He had managed to obtain many of the parts needed but sadly died before he could accomplish his mission.

John Hayton, Gerard’s youngest son has now taken the tractor away so that he can hopefully work on it. The pictures below show the tractor being moved and towed away.


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