Frequently Asked Questions

Will all the water be taken from the River Kent, so that it dries up completely?

No. The Environment Agency set a minimum flow, called the Hands-Off flow. When the flow drops to that level, no water may be extracted and the turbine is stopped.

Will the River Kent be affected above and below the Jumb Falls?

No. The flow upstream of the scheme is not affected at all. Since all the water is returned to the River Kent from the turbine house, the flows downstream of the scheme are not affected either.

Why can we not have free electricity in the valley from the scheme?

This is impossible for several reasons.

•  We do not possess a network to distribute electricity. That belongs to United Utilities.

•  When the river flows are low the scheme will generate no electricity at all and at other times much more than the valley could use.

•  Charities would not give grants towards a scheme which would simply give residents free electricity, nor would the Charity Commissioners regard this as a charitable object.

Will the environment of Jumb Force be affected?

Any disturbance would be as small as possible, and can only be done with the knowledge and agreement of Natural England, the Lake District National Park Authority and the Environment Agency, who have all spent a great deal of time and effort in reviewing our proposals.

How long will the scheme last?

Provided the mechanical and electrical equipment is properly maintained and in the long term replaced, the scheme could continue to produce electricity indefinitely. (Gilkes recently re-furbished a water turbine that was bought for the Balmoral Estate in the reign of Queen Victoria.)

Will the electricity be green?

Yes. After the initial expenditure of energy, during the construction phase, the scheme will produce energy without any effect on the environment and without the use of fossil fuels. It will be a step to making us energy independent.



Page last updated May 17, 2011

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